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NEW Scorecard

The NKBC Results page lets you check each board to see how you did relative to the competition.

BUT, what if you want see the highlights? Which boards were good/bad?

The NEW scorecard gives that (and more) AT A GLANCE. Check it out, click on your name in today's game Results page!

Incomplete Results Listing

IF you don't see all the current games listed on the results page, there is a known website issue currently being resolved. TRY THIS WORKAROUND to get the complete list:

  • Go to the NKBC home page,
  • Navigate to the game results page as usual
  • Navigate to the about our club page
  • Navigate back to the game results page
You should get a complete listing after all the extra navigating. Sorry for the inconvenience.

NOTE: If the address in the browser's address bar has PHPSESSIONID in it, then you will likely have problems. Please clear your browser cache to eliminate the trouble.

Swiss TEAMS AND Club Championship, Tuesday May 30

The 5th and last Tuesday of May is a swiss team game, and it's a club championship! There'll be triple points at stake, and winner's pictures on the club champions board, and enough glory for your whole team. Get your team together now.

Our Annual Spring Celebration, Wednesday May 31

Spring has sprung, and we have yet to celebrate! Therefore, we'll have some serious snacks, and some serious cards. And to go with all that seriousness, plenty of laughter and partying.

May is ACBL Grass Roots Month

All games in May are ACBL Grass Roots games unless otherwise noted. Play all month for double points and $1/person is designated to defer costs for local district/unit representatives competing at the nationals.

Special games in May

TUE5/2 Mentor/Mentee Play in Mentee Strat
WED5/10 Club Championship Triple Points
FRI5/12 Club Championship Triple Points
WED5/24 Mentor/Mentee Play in Mentee Strat
TUE5/30 Club Championship
Triple Points
WED5/31 Spring Celebration Let's PARTY!

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