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Triple Crown Country Club


Tuesday October 4

The Elsmere Senior Center is unavailable to us on Tuesday October 4. So, we've moved our game to Triple Crown Country Club. You must buy lunch in addition to your game. There is a choice of items, so please sign-up at the club this week.

Thursday September 29, SAYC Game

Do you remember the the days of old when everyone played the same convention card? In fact, we didn't even have convention cards, because we all played the same stuff! We'll try it once again on the fifth Thursday this month, 9/29. That day, EVERYONE must play the Standard American Yellow Card. In case you don't remember the SAYC (or never knew it), copies are available at the club. Here's a link to the SAYC convention card, and here's a link to understanding SAYC. Come enjoy the fun!

Friday September 30, Average Closest To Game

Here's a new one! On the fifth Friday, we'll play a pairs game, International Fund game, of course. But there will be a drawing after the game to name a game average. If you have the game that is closest to that drawn average, then you win 2 free games!!

Tuesday October 4, Game Moved To Triple Crown

First Tuesday in October, Elsmere Senior Center is unavailable to us. Instead, we will play at Triple Crown Country Club. Lunch is a required part of playing at Triple Crown. $10 for lunch, and $5 for the bridge, $15 total. Please sign-up to play and to specify your lunch choice. We need an exact count by end of September.

September is ACBL International Fund month

International Fund games designate $1 of your entry fee to help defray the costs of teams who compete internationally for ACBL. International Fund games also pay DOUBLE POINTS! At NKBC, all games in September, unless otherwise noted, are Internation Fund games, pay double points, and cost only $5.

October is ACBL Jane Johnson Club Appreciation Month

In October, TRIPLE points abound at 8 special games. Four of them are PAIR games,

  • Wednesday 10/5
  • Thursday 10/13
  • Friday 10/21
  • Tuesday 10/25
and four of them are TEAM games.
  • 8 is Enough Swiss, Friday 10/7
  • BAM, Tuesday 10/11
  • BAM, Wednesday 10/19
  • Swiss, Thursday 10/27
In the TEAM games, GOLD points are available to the winners!

This Week at NKBC, 9/20-9/23

TuesdayBettyLocal Unit
WednesdayJohnInt'l Fund
FridayCordellMatch Selected Average

Special games in September

WED9/14 Club Championship Triple Points
TUE9/27 Local Unit Game Extra Points
Int'l Fund
Double Points
FRI9/30 Match Selected Average,
Int'l Fund
Win 2 Free Games,
Double Points

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