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Zero Tolerance Policy

NKBC prides itself on being a friendly club, and that can only happen when we all 'play nice'. If at any time you observe unacceptable player behavior, please call the director. NKBC fully supports and enforces the

ACBL Zero Tolerance policy.
A one-quarter board penalty will be immediately assessed for inappropriate behavior, and ejection from the game will occur for any repetitious behavior during the game as per ACBL policy.

Appeals Policy

At NKBC, all director rulings are final. No appeal is possible. Generally, when an irregularity occurs that requires a director call, the director can make a 'book ruling'.

From time to time, a director is called on to make a ruling involving some bridge judgement, hesitations and unauthorized information are the usual culprits for these situations. In these cases only, a player may request that the director reconsider his ruling. No ruling on a point of law nor any disciplary action may be reconsidered.

No director is required to reconsider their ruling. If they decide to reconsider, they will consult with several other directors and/or players at the game. They will take the additional input they have received, meld it with the situation they perceive at the table, and make their decision. The director remains responsible for making the final ruling.

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